Symbiosis on Screen

Last week we officially launched our research project with a screening of the film „Symbiotic Earth“ – a documentary on the life and work of biologist Lynn Margulis. The film is actually quite good (though it is a bit too long and the music starts to get annoying after two hours). It’s great to see Margulis think and talk. She is obviously not only a great writer and researcher but also a vivid and passionate speaker. The film engages with the political and social implications of different theories of evolution. That was very helpful for [...]

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Filmscreening “Symbiotic Earth” 31.01.2019 in Marburg

„Symbiotic Earth“ am Do, den 31.1. um 16.30 Uhr Ein Film über die Biologin Lynn Margulis, die unser Verständnis der Evolution und vom Ursprung allen Lebens revolutionierte. Erste Vorführung deutschlandweit! Anschließendes Gespräch mit Prof. Tobias Erb (Max-Planck-Institut), Dr. Andreas Folkers (Justus Liebig Universität) und Prof. Sven Opitz (Philipps Universität).

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Symbiotic Collectives at the 4s-conference in New Orleans

We're organinizing a panel on symbiosis as object and concept on the 2019 4s conference in New Orleans (see our call below). If you're interessted you can apply here: Reciprocal Capture: Symbiosis As Object And Concept In STS-Research Andreas Folkers, Justus Liebig-University Gießen Sven Opitz, Philipps-University Marburg Research on the microbiome suggests that symbiosis is not just a curiosity but rather a rule in biology. Humans and non-human animals depend on symbiosis with microbes that outnumber their hosts in terms of cells and genetic material. Correspondingly, new modes of biotechnological intervention emerged trying to intervene into [...]

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